Quick Answer: Is Edd China A Real Mechanic?

Are ed China and Mike Brewer still friends?

We’ll get past this, and we’ll be fine.” He also makes it clear that the two are still friends, and that any kind of abuse directed towards his former co-host and family – most certainly death threats – are absolutely uncalled for..

How much is Mike Brewer worth?

Mike Brewer net worth: Mike Brewer is a British television presenter, who has a net worth of $1.5 million dollars. Mike Brewer was born in Lambeth, London, and began his professional career as a car trader.

What height is Edd China?

2.01 mEdd China/Height

Where is Edd China now?

He appointed a PR agency Following his departure from Wheeler Dealers, Edd has also signed on the dotted line with Leeds based PR agency Pure Agency, to help him manage his “Garage Junkie’ brand, e-commerce website and video content as well as PR and social media management. You can read more about that here.

How old is Imogen China?

47 years oldAccording to Imogen China wiki, she was born in the year 1971. At present, Imogen China age is 47 years old and her birthday is yet not reveled .

Why is Wheeler Dealers filmed in America?

Wheeler Dealers has come a long way since Mike Brewer and Edd China first graced British television screens back in 2003. … “If you’re going to want more shows, we just can’t physically make them during an English winter, we’ll have to go somewhere sunny to make them,” Brewer explained. “So we decided California it is.”

Who is Mike Brewers wife?

Michelle Brewerm. 1992Mike Brewer/Wife

Is Edd China married?

Imogen ChinaEdd China/Spouse

Why did Ant Anstead leave Wheeler?

Ant also mentioned that the reason that he’s leaving Wheeler Dealers is that he has made California home and recently had a baby. He teased that he would be working on a new car show soon and would be traveling between the U.S. and the U.K.

What is Edd China worth?

Edd China has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Does Mike Brewer Live USA?

Elvis will be joing Mike in the shop for the new series of Wheeler Dealers as well as Dream Car. Ant will still be popping in but he’s decided to stay in the USA with his family. … Still a car trader at heart, Mike recently has opened Mike Brewer Motors dealerships in Luton and Sheffield along with his wife Michelle.

Does Edd China own a garage?

Edd China, formerly the mechanic on Wheeler Dealers, is working on cars again, and this time he’s the star of his own show called Edd China’s Garage Revival. This means that the owner can install the more powerful engine as long as he and China also install rear disc brakes like on the Oettinger cars.

Is Ant Anstead a real mechanic?

Ant is a man of many talents. He is best known for his day job as a car builder, but he is also a designer, artist, world record holder and a semi-professional football player.

How much money is Ant Anstead worth?

Ant Anstead net worth: Ant Anstead is an English television presenter, car builder, designer, and artist who has a net worth of $5 million.

Who is Paul Brackley?

Paul Brackley was the series technical advisor, made sporadic appearances to assist China in carrying heavy parts or equipment in the garage, when China needed additional assistance (such as when China was bleeding brake/clutch fluid or checking an exhaust while a vehicle was running), and helping Brewer tow non- …

Why did Mike Brewer and Edd China split up?

There has been a lot of drama between these two since Edd China and Mike Brewer, hosts of Wheeler Dealers, decided to part ways two months ago. … China left due to a disagreement in the show’s direction.