How Do You Display Sparklers At A Wedding?

What can I use instead of sparklers at a wedding?

Wedding Exit Sparkler AlternativesRice or Birdseed.

Rice and birdseed are the oldest and most nostalgic way to send-off a newlywed couple.


Bubbles are not something you would immediately think about when coming up with wedding exit sparkler alternatives.


Flower Petals.



Ribbon Wands.More items…•.

How many sparklers do you need for a wedding?

For a wedding of 300 people, I would suggest 200. If you are using them for your first dance, I would suggest one per person. For the 10 inch ones, you need at least 4 per person. The guests start to light them themselves and too early – so you need to make sure you have enough to last until the grand exit.

Can I order sparklers online?

When you have a special occasion that calls for sparklers (wedding, birthday, engagement party, baby shower, graduation, etc.), the best place to buy your sparklers is with Sparklers Online. Our products are type of the line and can beat any store with quality, selection, and customer service.

How long do wedding sparklers last?

5 to 7 yearsIn theory, sparklers should last almost indefinitely. They are essentially just gunpowder, so as long as they stay dry, they should perform properly. However, even humid conditions can introduce too much moisture over an extended period of time. So, the recommended shelf life for them is 5 to 7 years.

How do you put out sparklers?

By placing the burnt end in the sand, any wedding sparkler ends that are still smoldering will be thoroughly extinguished, and cool down before going in the garbage. Using water is another option, however carefully consider where you place the bucket if using water as it can be more easily tipped over.

Are wedding sparklers dangerous?

After your send-off, the guests have to put the sparklers somewhere. They burn really hot, so just sitting them down somewhere can be a fire hazard. … You should also delegate someone in your wedding party to make sure your guests are putting the sparklers where they should be.

How can I make my wedding unique and unforgettable?

How To Make Your Wedding Unique And UnforgettableUnique Ceremony Seating. Give your guests a WOW factor as soon as they enter the venue. … A Unique Bridal Entrance. … Non-Traditional Processional Music. … An Enthusiastic Celebrant. … A Unity Ceremony. … Guest Transportation. … Reception Entrance. … Meal Choices.More items…

How do you display wedding sparklers?

Collect Creative Containers If you’re having a rustic outdoor ceremony, you might use vintage tin pails or milk jugs to hold the sparklers. For a more formal modern event, glass vases lend elegance to your display of unlit sparklers. A beach wedding might feature sparklers placed in a sand-filled planter.

What is the difference between wedding sparklers and regular sparklers?

Wedding sparklers must have steel wire cores. They yield an almost smokeless spark and leave no ash or debris. When you use traditional sparklers instead, you will typically have smoke and ash stains. They also have a sulfur smell, as they are often made from wood or bamboo.

What is the best size for wedding sparklers?

What Are The Best Sparklers For Wedding Receptions?Sparkler send-offs are one of the biggest trends in weddings over the last several years.Ten-inch sparklers are the smallest size you should consider. … Twenty-inch sparklers are great sparklers for weddings with less than 150 guests. … Thirty-six-inch sparklers are the largest size and best choice for your wedding day.

Does Walmart have sparklers?

Unfortunately, Walmart doesn’t sell sparklers for every type of occasion. Typically, they will only stock generic styles so they can keep prices low. However, many people want specialty items such as wedding sparklers and must shop elsewhere.

What do you do at a wedding exit?

Make the ceremony exit into a fun moment, then organize a grand getaway for your event’s finale….Second, we highly recommend coordinating with your planner to seamlessly pull off whatever exit idea you choose.Glow Sticks. … Dried Lavender. … Paper Airplanes. … Pom-Poms. … Ribbon Wands. … Confetti. … Sprinkles. … Bubbles.More items…•

What songs do you not play at a wedding?

50 Songs To Avoid On Your Wedding Day50 songs you should never play at your wedding – unless you’re a hardcore connoisseur of irony! … You Give Love a Bad Name – Bon Jovi.You’re So Vain – Carly Simon.Fake Love – Drake.Suspicious Minds – Elvis Presley. … Mother In Law – Ernie K-Doe.All My Exes Live in Texas – George Strait. … Love Stinks – J.More items…•

Where can I buy sparklers for a wedding?

Buy Sparklers for Your California Wedding Thanks for visiting! We have several sizes of sparklers perfect for your California wedding send off! Call Nicole toll free at 1-888-990-8939 to ask questions or place an order. Or click HERE to view all of our wedding sparklers!

How much do sparklers cost?

Size. The size of a sparkler has a tremendous affect on the price. For instance, the small 8” ones you get around the 4th of July typically cost $0.99 per pack. However, if you want really big sparklers that are 36 inches long, they will start at around $4.99 per pack.

How long does a 20 inch sparklers last?

approximately 120 secondsMany newlyweds choose our 20” Wedding Sparklers to capture stunning Wedding Pictures by taking advantage of the soft warm golden light glow they generate. Each sparkler lasts approximately 120 seconds, giving ample time to your photographer to capture the perfect send-off photo.

How do you end a wedding?

7 Memorable Ways to End Your ReceptionSet Off Fireworks. If your venue has a lake in the background, you can end your evening with fireworks. … Perform a Song. Many newly married couples do something together at their reception beyond cutting their cake. … Enjoy a Last Dance. … Light Up Some Sparklers. … Bring Out the Bubble Wands. … Hand Out Flower Petals. … Head to a Bar.

What can you throw instead of rice at a wedding?

7 FUN ALTERNATIVES TO THROWING RICE AT YOUR WEDDING!Pom-poms. My favorite alternate to rice has to be the pom-poms. … Bubbles. Possibly the sweetest and most summery option is the bubbles. … Glitter. … Various Alternatives to Confetti. … Lavender/Dried flowers/Rose Petals. … Birdseed. … Paper planes.